5 Reasons Why Manual Management Of Paper Contracts Is History

5 Reasons Why Manual Management Of Paper Contracts Is History

Many moons ago, it seemed everything we did in the workplace relied on paper usage. We wrote notes on it, stored contracts, and printed countless things throughout the day.

However, in the world of contract management specifically, these days are coming to an end and the paperless contract is gaining steam.

Here are a few reasons why you should stop relying on paper contracts and switch to a more sustainable and efficient system.

Takes Up Space

You might not think it when you print a single piece of paper, but consider just how much paper is used for contracts and notes relating to them.

Then multiply this by the number of contracts you manage, add up that amount for each employee, and you’ll get a better idea of just how much space these things can take up.

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Inevitable Human Error

No matter how switched on you might be, there’s no way you can avoid human error in the workplace. Whether you’re hand writing notes, doing calculations or filing away contracts, there’s a good chance you’re going to stuff something up eventually and cause a whole lot of havoc in the workplace.

They’re Not Protected

For workplaces that still rely on dated contract management systems and storing their files in boxes or cabinets, you’re leaving these open to damage or theft.

When you switch to an automated or cloud-based system for your contract lifecycle management, these are always backed up and available no matter what might happen at your workplace.

It’s Bad For The Environment

Studies have shown that the average American worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year which is doing severe damage to the environment. Every year, four billion trees are cut down to make paper, so by reducing your reliance on manual contracts and paperwork you are doing a huge favor to the planet.

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Double The Workload

Having your contracts stored manually and on paper means double the work for everyone involved. Not only is there the task of creating them, they then need to be stored, and if anything requires sending or editing you have to source the box they’re in and scan it onto somewhere else.

Contract management software means it’s all in one place and as simple as a click of a button to send through to someone else for editing.

The Paperless Solution

Making the switch to a contract management software for your business can eliminate all of these problems in one fell swoop and start to organize your office for the better.

The days of wasting paper and creating an increased workload for ourselves are over now that these programs are more capable than ever.