Why A Deal Desk Is A Must For Your Company

Why A Deal Desk Is A Must For Your Company

Anyone in a sales position will know just how frustrating it can be to get a deal started only to have your progress stalled just down the line when you come to discussing the finer details.

The implementation of deal desks in companies across America is the way of the future to prevent these types of hold ups, allowing the salespeople to continue on with what they do best and leave the finer details to someone else.

A deal desk, in basic terms, is a way to consolidate and organize the information pertaining to a deal and then make decisions based on this information. When all deals organized through a company are coming from the one place you can guarantee that they all meet a certain standard, follow company guidelines, and don’t end up being a bad deal for the business.

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The size of a deal desk will depend on the company itself, and some are manned by just one employee whereas others will devote an entire division to the fine art of closing the deal. Once the salesperson has initiated the deal, they can then pass it onto the deal desk for confirmation and closing which in turn helps to speed up the entire contract and sales process.

The Benefits Of Having A Deal Desk

Although they’re still relatively new to the world of business, it’s already clear that deal desks will be the way of the future for all American companies that deal with large volumes of sales.

There are some amazing benefits that can be enjoyed when you implement a deal desk for your business, including:

Quicker Sales Process

When the entire sales process is the responsibility of just one person, this can cause bottlenecks and hold ups that mean things don’t progress. With a deal desk, the deal is made and then passed on so that it can be closed more efficiently and save time for everyone.

High-Value Sales

Having a dedicated person or team that works solely on closing deals means they have the absolute best knowledge on how to get the best outcome for both the client and the company. This means sales will have more value and of the very best quality for the company.

More Time To Make Sales

When the salesperson is able to hand over the remainder of the deal and leave closing up to the deal desk, they’re able to move onto the next sale. This, in turn, makes far greater profits for the company and keeps things moving along.

Competitive Deals

The deals made by an experienced negotiator will be far more competitive and complex than what the salesperson could have made alone thanks to this being the sole responsibility of the deal desk.

Although there may be some initial time, money, and energy spent on setting up the deal desk that best works for your organization, the end result will be well worth it.

With all of these benefits and more, there’s no doubt that the deal desk will become an integral part of most American workplaces within the next ten years or so.

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Why The Deal Desk Is Gaining Traction In the Business World

Even if you’ve not heard of the deal desk before, there’s a good chance that things are about to change. A recent survey found that 70 percent of companies now have a deal desk in their organization, whereas the remaining 30 percent hadn’t yet heard of them.

This means that the more popular this idea becomes, the more likely you are to see them pop up in businesses everywhere.

So what is it that makes the deal desk such a great thing?

Besides all of the obvious benefits, it’s a huge step towards efficiency that just can’t be beaten. Not only is the deal desk a bonus for employees and sales people to have, but they’re great for clients who are looking for competitive deals and creative solutions to contracts and non-standard pricing deals.

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For anyone company who wants to make faster sales and bring speed to their sales process, and its involvement can start as early as the proposal. When you have a dedicated staff member or entire team working on the logistics and trickiness of getting the best deal for all involved, the company has time and energy spare to use on acquiring new business.

The Rise Of The Deal Desk

Not often do we see such revolutionary ideas arise in the business world, but it seems that with every passing day more and more companies are taking advantage of the deal desk.

Not to be confused with a singular person making decisions on deals, the deal desk is usually something beginning at the director level and with a range of managers and analysts collaborating on to get the best outcome.

However, just like any part of the business world, you need to give it time to work and can’t expect to see miraculous results overnight.

Be patient with the process and you’ll undoubtedly iron out the kinks along the way.

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When you’re left with a highly efficient and perfectly functioning deals desk for your organization, you’ll know it was for the best.

After just a few months with a deal desk running behind the scenes, you’ll see vast improvements from employees who are able to focus on their expertise rather than getting bogged down in deals and will notice a much faster rate of sales.

With one dedicated team or person who specializes in getting the very best and most accurate deal, all parts of your business will begin to flourish.