Contract Assistant Management Software Review

Contract Assistant Management Software Review

For those companies who deal with contracts, leases, tenancies, and any other form of rigid documentation, you’ll be aware of the importance of keeping it all in check. While it is possible to have someone employed full time as a contract management assistant, the days of these roles are coming to an end with thanks to a technological revolution.

Contract management software is the latest and greatest way to manage all of the administrative and process-based tasks regarding contracts, making it far easier and more efficient for any size business.

However, if you’re uneasy about storing your sensitive data on a cloud-based system and have shied away in the past from these online platforms you might have dismissed the idea altogether.

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However, it is possible to get a quality contract management software program that operates locally, so you can be sure that only you have access to your company’s information.

Contract Assistant is one such platform, and it’s a simple and safe alternative to the larger contract management suites now available which require you to upload your sensitive data to a cloud-based platform.

The Contract Assistant Solution

Contract Assistant is the brainchild of Blueridge Software, who have been operating for over 15 years as a privately owned company in California. Their primary focus as a company is contract management software, and that’s evident with the Contract Assistant platform.

Their unique approach to this type of management software offers a simple but thorough way to manage your contract administrative processes with an on-premise solution.

This software is ideal for the very small and start-up businesses right through to large enterprises, so it’s all about finding the plan and solution that works for you.

When you put your faith in Contract Assitant and allow them to make your contract management processes more efficient, you’ll benefit from a range of features.

  • Comes in standard, pro, and enterprise editions
  • Strong search feature allows for easy tracking
  • Library of 40+ contract templates
  • All data stored locally so no need for cloud uploading
  • Multi-level security available
  • Alarm notifications sent by email for urgency

If you’ve been searching for a contract management suite that can make your business more efficient but don’t feel comfortable uploading all of your data onto the cloud for anyone else to own, Contract Assistant is the solution you’ve been searching for.

It has just the right functions to streamline your contract processes and you’ll feel safe knowing that the data never leaves your workplace computers.

The Good And The Bad Of Contract Assistant

The most obvious standout of Contract Assistant is that it’s a local program, and for many business owners who deal with sensitive information of their own or their clients, you will understand why this is so important.

Contract Assistant is one of the only management suites that has a downloadable program such as this and it offers great peace of mind for those who are unsure of the cloud’s safety.

When you purchase the Standard edition you will be missing quite a lot, so it’s best to go with Pro and above. While you can get some basic functions, there are hugely important features unavailable such as the ability to attach documents, get email alarm functions, and customize user profiles.

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It almost seems a waste entirely to have the Standard edition offered, although this may suit some smaller scale businesses.

This aside, the software itself is extremely user-friendly and very easy to pick up. When compared to some other contract management software programs that can take quite a while to master, this is basic and intuitive so will mean very little time training yourself and employees on how to use it.

There are limited buttons and options with great detail in the graphics, so even the most amateur computer user should be able to figure it out.

How To Get Contract Assistant

When you head to the Contract Assistant homepage you’ll find the pricing plan for this contract management software, so you should carefully consider each of the options before you go ahead.

Although there is quite a bit lacking in the Standard edition, this may still suit very small businesses.

And there is the option to upgrade to Pro with just a click of a button if you find it lacking.

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In addition, you can even get a free 30 day trial of the system so you can test it out to see if it really streamlines your contract management processes.

Prices are determined as per individual, however, as a rough guide, it can start from as low as $900 for the Standard version and up to $9,000 for the Enterprise suite. However, as each business is unique it is Contract Assistant's job to find the ideal pricing plan to work for you and it can be adjusted and customized to suit your needs.

Final Verdict

If you’ve been searching for a simple but thorough contract management software but felt uneasy about all of the file sharing and cloud uploads offered on traditional platforms, Contract Assistant is the clear choice for you.

This easily downloadable program can get you almost everything the remote access suite can, and there’s no need to worry about your data getting into the wrong hands.

When you’re ready to bring your business into the future and want the efficiency of contract management software working for you, click on the button below to purchase Contract Assistant. With all of the spare time and money you have when this program does the hard work, you’ll be able to put the focus back into growing your business.