Cobblestone Contract Insight Software Review

Cobblestone Contract Insight Software Review

Whether your business is just beginning to grow or it’s been well established for years, you likely already know the importance of having a good contract management system in place.

Nowadays, most companies rely on contract management software to help make things more efficient, but navigating through the countless options can be a job in itself.

Most contract management software programs have the basic functions you need but don’t allow for a lot of customization to suit your individual business needs.

Others might have customization but fall short on the mobile platforms which so many businesses rely on nowadays, making them only useful for half of your operations.

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What if there was a contract management platform that allowed for deep customization for those businesses with unique needs, and followed through on this service with a great mobile platform as well?

The Contract Insight program from Cobblestone is exactly this, and it offers a standout alternative to the rest of the management platforms you’ll find nowadays.

If you’ve been looking for something comprehensive, modern, and customizable, you’ve found it in the Contract Insight suite.

With more features than the rest of the contract management software offerings combined, this is a great option for businesses who really want to get into the nitty gritty of their administrative processes.

Cobblestone’s Contract Insight Software

CobbleStone Systems are a unique company who specialize in making contract management software which helps business manage their business, sales, legal, and procurement contracts.

With a focus solely on this area, it’s no wonder that their Contract Insight software is regarded as one of the best in the business with a whole range of features and add-ons not offered by anyone else in this market.

The detailed software suite from CobbleStone called Contract Insight is a must have for anyone dealing with contract management in their company, and it’s ideal for all sizes of business.

When you begin working with Contract Insight you’ll receive a range of benefits and features from this software, including:

  • Full contract lifecycle management
  • Highly customizable to suit every individual and business’ needs
  • Help Wiki and instructional videos to train staff
  • On-premise or cloud-based services available
  • Advanced template creator for all types of contracts

No matter the size of business or what area you deal with, there’s a plan to suit you from CobbleStone’s Contract Insight. This revolutionary system is one of the most in-depth programs you can find to trust your contract management with, and they have many years of experience making businesses more efficient and therefore more profitable.

What To Expect From CobbleStone’s Contract Insight Software

One of the most notable features of Contract Insight is how deep the customization can go, and depending on what you’re looking for in a software this can be a pro or a con.

On initial setup, it can take quite some time to customize everything to your needs so you need to be willing to put in the hours, however, this detailed process will also make the software a lot more beneficial to your business and will give you a more efficient program so it’s certainly worth it.

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A standout feature of Contract Insight comes from its mobile platform, as this is an area where most other contract management systems fail. The features are just as rich when you use it from a mobile device which would particularly suit businesses that have users often on mobile devices or working remotely.

Because there are so many features and customizations, this program can take a bit of time to get your head around. Expect to spend some time doing training using the handy instructional videos available, however, you shouldn’t rely too much on the Help Wiki.

There is a search function available with this help system, but because there is quite a bit of information available it can take a while to find what you’re searching for.

How To Buy Contract Insight

CobbleStone offers a few different plans and pricing options for businesses wanting to purchase their Contract Insight software, so it really depends on how many staff you have and the features you need.

The best place to do this is through their website, where they also offer a detailed comparison of what each version can get you and what might be restricted on the cheaper ones.

There are three different versions available in Enterprise, Express, and Work Group, all designed to meet different sizes of business.

Within each of these versions is the ability to have just a downloadable program or full access to a cloud-based system, so again it depends on what your needs might be as a company and what your users will prefer working with.

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However, Work Group is not available as a software program and Express isn’t available on premises, so there are some limitations.

In terms of pricing, the Express version is around $60 per month and this is charged per user, making it ideal for solo business owners or small teams. When you’re looking at something larger such as Enterprise, the cost starts at about $5,000 per year and this can accommodate up to five users.

Each business will require a unique approach, though, and there is helpful customer service staff who can give a detailed response.

Final Thoughts

If your business deserves the very best and you want a completely thorough approach to your contract management software, there really is no other choice than CobbleStone’s Contract Insight.

No matter which of the version you decide to use for your business, you’ll be impressed by just how feature rich this platform can be when compared to others.

When you’re ready to transform your company for the better and are happy to put in the hours to learn this amazing platform, click on the button below to purchase CobbleStone’s Contract Insight. With a little bit of time spent learning the system, you’ll be rewarded with the most efficient contract management system you ever dreamed possible.